Thursday, September 25, 2008

First..... and a bit scary

I have been reading a few blogs lately and have decided that this is something that I would like try...share my thoughts, feelings and experiences with the world for who ever wants to listen.

I haven't actually commented on any blogs before, just read silently from the comfort and safety of my computer. I'm a bit nervous, excited and scared - partly because I don't feel my writing skills are particularly good. Did any one else have these feelings when they started blogging? Or is it just me?

Since it is my 27th Birthday today I have decided that it's time to take the plunge and start or I will be old and decrepit before I do!!

I'm hoping to add a few pictures and change the look of the design of the page.... but I will get there in time!

And here I go.........(eyes closed) *post*

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