Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Back from Easter break

I hope every one had a wonderful Easter break filled with lots and lots of chocolate!!

T and I had a great time camping for 4 days at the beach with family and friends. It was very relaxing and nice to spend some time away from the 'routine' of every day life.
However I was very glad to come home and have a decent shower and wash my hair properly to get out all of the sand.

One of our Easter traditions that I've kept since I was a little girl is to paint real hard boiled eggs. I remember when it wasn't about all the chocolate eggs and I loved all the hand painted eggs we received. I'm hoping that when I have children that this is something that they will enjoy too and carry on in their life time.

Do you have any Easter traditions?? I'd love to hear about them.

I can't say I've had the time to paint my eggs as exquisitely as this picture but you get the idea.

Oh and I received my little bundle of Easter goodness from the Stampin Up bunny. YAY
I can't wait to try out these new colours from the new Autumn-Winter mini catalogue.
Mellon Mambo looks divine!
Also Stampin Up have introduced new clear mount rubber stamps so I'm super keen to ink them up and see what they are like. They are going to be so easy to store in the new dvd sized cases.

I'll have to show you what I come up with!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Those eggs are beautiful - brings back many happy memories of egg decorating as a kid - although they didn't look anything like that! : )

  2. Pretty eggs!! Glad you had a wonderful easter! :) I want to go to the beach soon!! Have a great day!


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