Tuesday, December 7, 2010


How beautiful are these bright sunflowers I have on my craft desk this week!!!!!

Don't they just make you smile :)

Wishing you all a wonderful day filled with lots of smiles!


  1. Absolutely beautiful and yes they certainly do make you smile! Love 'em.

  2. Very happy indeed!
    You couldn't possible be cross with those sitting on your desk! :-)

  3. how very sunshiney in the midst of ALL THIS RAIN!!!!! Super super lovely - thanks for sharing! xxx

  4. oh these are gorgeous! Did you grow them Trishy! They certainly are flowers that make you smile aren't they?


  5. Sorry I'm still getting the hang of this messaging thing.
    I wanted to say thankyou for all your lovely comments. Trust me when I say, I would have given up along time ago if it wasn't for great surport from you and others. Your comments have pulled me through the rough patches. For that I owe you a huge Thankyou and if you ever need help with anything call me first.
    Your friend
    Grant the Polite Guy.

  6. Trish I have an idea. I won't be afended if you say no.
    I need to raise some funds to build a mega-site to help alot of homeless people. I also want to do something nice for you.
    Can I buy one of your beautiful peices of art and sell it in an action. People can bid for it and the money goes to building my site. I will pay you what your peice of art is worth. If you allow this I will promote your art to everyone on my sites.
    I don't want it for free, I will pay for it, but doing this helps us both.
    I really want to do something nice for you and me promoting your art is something good I can do for you.
    I'm sorry for not sending this in an email but I can't find it. I really hate computers. haha
    Please consider my request as I really think your art is great and should be shown to the world more. You really have a talent.
    Grant the Polite Guy.
    P.S Please send me email address.


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