Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day trip

Yesterday was a miserable day but I wanted to get out of the house so T and I decided to go for a day trip!!!!

We saw lots of things on the way including these cute cows!

And there was some stunning horses

Here's the beginning of the fun bit - we started the climb up the hill!
We had to go through a windy rainforest

With lots of ups and downs

Finally we came to this cute little spot and had lunch. It was to cold to eat outside so we just ate our picnic in the car.

Here's the view from the top........ stunning!!!!!!

We had such a great day exploring and relaxing in the fresh air!!!!!

I hope you've all a great weekend too :)


  1. Love these expedition posts of yours Trish, given we live in the same general area. Today we went to the Mt Coo-Tha Botanic Gardens, not done that in years, loved it.

  2. Considering all the other stuff you had going on this weekend you did extremely well to fit in this little day trip. Good for you.

    Cool piccies.



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