Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!!!

I think I mentioned a few years back that it's been a tradition in my family since as long as I can remember to make coloured eggs. Not blown eggs but real hard boiled eggs you can eat. We still received chocolate eggs but the real eggs were always the first I'd eat - YES that's right even before the chocolate ones.

As we've gotten older my parents no longer make them so I've been the one to carry on the tradition.
When we were younger my parents painstakingly put pretty patterns and designs on them but as we grew older they just made them all one colour. (see below for some pictures of these eggs)

I've generally continued the one colour theme as it is much easier!
However my sister sent me this tutorial to colour eggs with silk ties.... I was intrigued so I thought I'd give it a go!!

I couldn't find any silk ties from the second hand store (and I certainly wasn't going to buy a new tie just to cut it up!) so I went to my local spotlight and picked up some 100% silk. I wasn't sure if it would work as this silk was much thinner than a silk tie.

All wrapped up!

So here is how they turned out......  A little bit washed out but still very cute!

They all have such beautiful and individual patterns on them

I think this one is my favourite, it's amazing the small details that showed up!!! 

I'd love to hear about any Easter traditions you have...?

I hope you all have a lovely Easter Sunday spending time with family and loved ones.

Here is my sister and I in the early 90's excitedly holding our coloured eggs!
(oh and look my sister is even giving me some bunny ears - how sweet of her)

 And look here the Easter bunny even found us when we were camping!!!!


  1. Happy Easter, Trish! Those eggs looked so pretty all wrapped up. :-) And then they came out all pretty by themselves. Wow! I wish I had some printed silk in the house to do this today!

  2. They are so pretty Trish, both wrapped and unwrapped, the pattern detail is a very cool effect and such a lovely tradition. Enjoy your day!

  3. What a lovely tradition to carry on, I love that you have done that, we have carried on some traditions from my childhood and its those I look forward to more than anything. The eggs are beautiful Trish, you did a great job, and I am so glad that Easter bunny found you camping lol, happy easter to you and your loved ones xxx

  4. Wow, beautiful, I love tradition & it's great your keeping it going.

  5. Ooh Trish this is an awesome idea! They look amazing! Hope you had a fantastic Easter :)

  6. I love that you do this every Easter and I've seen it first hand. That's a cute pic of you and D. Glad you and T had a lovely Easter.



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