Monday, April 9, 2012

YAY for more space to craft!

I've been using a desk to craft on that my Dad built me when I was a little girl. I've got a huge sentimental attachment to this desk however it's only one meter long. Perfect for a little girl doing homework... not so great for someone with crafty mess everywhere!! So I decided it was time for an upgrade.

I've been longing for looking at a desk at Ikea every time I go there for a good year now. I've hesitate to buy it for 2 reasons, the first is my attachment to my old desk I grew up with and the second was the price tag. (I thought Ikea was supposed to have affordable furniture!!)
Anyway I bit the bullet and finally bought it!!! 

I just loooooove it!
It's 60cm longer than my old desk and gives me so much more room

 In the left in the top draw I keep all my adhesives, embossing powders and other bits and bobs

 In the second draw I keep my small 6x6 papers and the current Stampin' UP! cattys

The right hand side has a cupboard where I keep my dies, embossing folders and cuttlebug

 Since I'm here I might just give you a little tour of the rest of my space!
 I share the spare room with my partner, he has his desk on the opposite side of the room to mine.

So firstly here is my ribbon storage and the draws I keep my 12x12 and A4 paper in.
I made both of these and you can see my posts about them here and here if you're interested to read more.

Next is where I keep all my stamp sets and some of my tools (and yes this is another Ikea purchase!)
Blogged about that purchase here.

To the left of my desk I keep my inspiration board and all my embellishments. The rack I found just recently for 10 bucks and I've been meaning to paint it white but haven't got around to it yet.
In the draws below I keep envelopes, punches and of course the bottom draw is the 'catch all'. 

On my desk I keep all my pens in these sweet little containers - if you didn't pick it up before in the shot of the full area you'll spot a little bin beside the desk that matches these containers.

And of course there is a little spot on my desk for a picture of the most inspiring woman I know - my BFF!

So here is the comparison

    Before                                                                            After

Personally I'm smitten with my new desk... however I might make one little change..... I think I might swap out the hardware for little pink coloured crystal ones!
Just to give it that extra little bit of bling :)


  1. What a lovely space to work in Trish! You have done a lovely job with the decoration and coordination. You won't want to leave.

  2. Oooh Trish I was eyeing off this desk too! Are you going to get the bit that sits on top? It is a beautiful desk and looks great in your crafty area! :)

  3. Wow, it's beautiful! The desk, the room - everything! So fresh, and pretty, and girly. Loved having a little tour of your room today, Trish. What a happy crafting space.

  4. Money well spent Trish, it looks lovely and practical, yet.. oh so girly and sweet.
    I could imagine you sitting there for hrs, enjoyed the tour of your craft space, TFS.

  5. You have a lovely space for all your creativeness, love all the white, very pretty, have tons of fun in it xx

  6. WOW! That new desk looks so much better in your room than the old one! congrats on the find

  7. Yay you got the desk! I thought it was a couple of weeks off yet. You've got your craft space looking fabulous. So happy for you!


  8. LOVE the newdesk - very stylish and how great to have the extra desk space for crafting. Your craft room is lovely, so organised. Love the ribbon storage! x

  9. Your new desk is perfect, in fact I love your whole space. It all looks so neat and organised. I'd love to sit and create there. xx


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