Sunday, October 28, 2012

Home Rennovations

Happy Sunday Bloggy Friends :)

Well as you've noticed I haven't been around much in blog land lately and that's because I've been busy doing home renovations!

We've completed one room so I thought I'd show you the pictures of the progress.

The after shot isn't quite how it will look in the future because we've moved our queen bed in there so we can make a start on the master room.  It's a bit of a tight squeeze with the big bed in this room but hopefully it will only be for a few weeks.

It's taken a little while to get this room down cause we've been doing everything our selves and we've been learning along the way.  With all this renno work it hasn't left me much time for crafting unfortunately.

This is the first room of many so I can't see myself getting back full swing in to crafting for some time yet!!

Once again here is the before and after -

I hope you all enjoyed a little peek into my world right now.

I'm sorry for not commenting on your blogs as much as I have wanted too but believe me I'm still reading them every day :)

Relax and enjoy the rest of your Sunday afternoon!


  1. Looking good! You guys are doing a fabulous job - particularly as you're learning as you go. Can't wait to see what you do with the master. x

  2. Hey, this is using your creativity in a different way and it's looking good (and possibly more satisfying way as a couple). Can't wait to see more of the renovations, we are currently doing our garden (as you know with no rain), but there is a warm fuzzy feeling when people compliment you on how great 1 garden bed looks (we are NOT gardeners).

  3. Great job Trish, how satisfying is it when you complete a reno and good on you for having a go. Looking forward to seeing more as you go. xxx


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