Sunday, November 23, 2008

The big day

WOW what a day we had yesterday!!! I think we encountered all 4 seasons - from pouring rain and and howling wind to sunshine (although the sunshine was not around long). It was snowing in the hills around Canberra so it was very cold being out side all day. But I wouldn't have changed a thing as it was such a great experience an I learned many lessons!

I wanted to blog about my nervousness and excitment but I was so busy finalising all the small details that I just ran out of time. I did however create a etsy store - so check it out here.

My friend and I had so much fun yesterday and met some wonderful people. It was a great event and I think there were about 2500 people over the day. Although it seemed as if every one came from 10 - 2pm and then there were less people over the afternoon.

My friends paper goods sold like hot cakes - everyone loved them (its hard not to when they are just so devine and very reasonably priced)

Unfortunatly not many people purchased my cushion covers :(

Alot of people seemed interested but I'm unsure why the didn't sell. Perhaps I had the price to high (although I think it is reasonable) or perhaps I didn't have the colours they were after.

I'm a little bit disheartened but I had such a fun day that I'm very glad I did it.

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