Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Busy little bee

I have been so busy preparing for Canberra’s handmade markets this weekend that I have not had a chance to blog! I’ve been coming up with some great designs on my cushions and I hope that other people like them as much as I do.

My stall partner has also been busy working away on her greeting cards. I am always utterly amazed at the beautiful work she does. I wonder where she gets all her inspiration… she is just so creative! Hopefully on the weekend some of that will rub of on me!!

I saw some of her Christmas card range at the end of last week and just about jumped up and down on the spot because I know that they are going to be a big hit. She has all the original Christmas colours as well as all kinds of variations – so if you like traditional or modern she will have cards that you will just fall in love with.

Yesterday I did a practice run setting up the marquee to make sure I knew how to do it and how long it would take. It was very easy and I hope that it all runs smoothly on the day.

I have so many ideas, emotions and thoughts running through my head all day and night that I can hardly concentrate or sleep. I’m super excited and I can hardly sit still long enough to write this. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

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