Thursday, November 13, 2008

Canberra's Upmarket - Handmade Market

So for the next week I’m busy creating new cushion cover designs for Canberra’s Upmarket!
You should see the mess I have made at home, there are all kinds of fabric every where.

I am really enjoying working on this project and I’ve been spending so much time on it that I’ve hardly even thought about anything else. I don’t even feel like cooking so my poor partner is missing out on yummy dinners.

And I’m very excited to be working with a good friend on this project – she designs greeting cards! (I’ll post some pictures of her work that she will be selling in my next post). I’m so glad to be working with her as she gave me the extra support needed to actually go ahead with this.

The cushion covers I will be selling come in sets of 2, a large one 14 x 21 inch and a smaller square one 13 x 13 inches. I’ve included a picture of a set which is one of my favourites. They remind me of summer and a beautiful beach house.
One of the reasons I decided to start making cushion covers was because I couldn’t find anything I like in the shops and every thing I did like was over $60 each. I couldn’t find any unique covers that were at a reasonable price, so I hope that people like my designs and also find that they are affordable.

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