Monday, May 3, 2010

Surprise in the mail

I love getting mail and it's even better when you aren't expecting it!!!!!!!!!

Check out this beautiful stash of flowers, ribbon and dew drops my BFF sent me.

She is such an amazing friend and she even put everything in our favorite colours - hers is light green and mine is pink!

It's a public holiday here so I've been very productive this weekend and the house is starting to look like a house! Nearly all the boxes have been unpacked and everything is finding it's place.

I hope your Monday has been lovely :)


  1. Cool items to play with, you have a nice friend.

  2. So cool that you have a public holiday, wondered why you've been online during business hours - does this mean you have internet access at last? Hope so!!!

    I'm going to be busy in the craft room tonight (either side of Desp. Hsewives of course) as have to make some stuff for GK's teacher who is celebrating a b'day this week! xox


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