Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Best Blog Friends Forever Award

I little while ago Melissa at Bee Divine Designs gave me this lovely award and I haven't had the chance to pass it on!

So here are some of my favorite blog friends - go check them out!

I'd just like to say to all of these ladies thanks so much for providing me with inspiration every day.

1. Spring Blossom Musings
2. Bee Divine Designs - right back at ya ;)
3. Luv to Stamp
4. Inkspirations
5. Adelisa Designs


  1. How lucky are you!!! Cute Award, and thanks for giving to me as well - so sweet of you.


  2. Hey!!! I only just saw our blog listed here - aren't you just the sweetest!!!!! THank you so so much!!! I'm not sure how the whole award thing goes but I will try and just follow what you've done yeah? You are just the best, and I notice getting lots of awards and winning things - such an inspiration! - can't wait to catch up later in the month! xxx xxx xxx


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