Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Have you heard the term Junkin'? I've heard it a few times lately and ..... well..... I love Junkin!

If you haven't heard of it, it is where you go to garage sales or kerbside collections and the like and pick up a bargain. I'm sure my love for Junkin is in my genes as my Dad is exactly the same.

So on the weekend I went Junkin and I found this very cute little out door setting.

I just adore it BUT I've got no where to put it :(

So I've popped it up on ebay, fingers crossed someone else finds it just as cute as I do!!


  1. ahhhhhhh - this kind of set has been on my wish list for YEARS!!!!!!! i would SOOO bid on it if I had somewhere to put it too! Suckey old ugly house...good luck with the auction tho! heheehe xxx

  2. Ha, a few years ago I was looking for exactly that - do you think I could find it anywhere??? And I had a spot perfect for it. Alas you know what ended up in its place and we've had many a chat in the sun sitting there too :o)


  3. That's a great set! I'm sure you'll find it a good home! ;-)

  4. Oh I LOVE Garage Sale-ing!!! I use to have one of these little sets on my verandah too! Now I have big deck hairs that I can totally lean back and chill out on! Hope you sell it on ebay!

    Luv Karen


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