Sunday, November 14, 2010

New storage!!!!

My collection of stamp sets has slowly been growing and my piles have been getting higher and wobblier!
I don't really have the best space available to put them and I've finally had enough of the messiness (see pic below).

I've been look around for some new storage and I saw this on ebay that I thought would be just perfect!! How cute would this be painted white!!! But I think it's going to sell for quite a pretty penny.

So Mum got me thinking that there may be something else out there that would be suitable. So we took a trip to Ikea today to see what they might have that would work.
I'm so glad we did because we found a very cute white stand that is just perfect!!!

We spent the afternoon putting it together and arranging all my stamp sets on it.

So what do you think??

I think it looks much neater!!!
Now to find some time to make some cards :)


  1. Yes - that's PERFECT! Good find! I has a big tidy up yesterday in my craft room too!

  2. Perfect! You must be so happy with your new storage - looks great. And you've created more room for 'stuff'. Love it!


  3. Looks great! My craft space is in desperate need of a make over so I totally understand the piles of stuff getting higher and wobblier. Especially when the thing you want is ALWAYS on the bottom LOL

  4. Yay!! Looks fantastic, and it suits your needs perfectly. God bless Ikea!! (And your Mum .... I have to assemble my Ikea purchases on my own.)

  5. Hi Trishie!

    This is just perfect! I soooo wish we had an Ikea here - my closest is Brisbane! I'm in heaven when I go to that store!



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