Thursday, January 13, 2011

A quick hello

Just a quick little post to say that I'm safe and well. Mum's house didn't go under (thank goodness) so we spent the day today unpacking everything.
I finally got onto volunteering QLD this afternoon and have registered to help, but I think there are so many people offering that it might be a while before they get back to me.

My office is still closed and I've kept busy all week but don't think I can just sit around the house tomorrow.

I'm exhausted - I just want to help every one and I can't

I need something to cheer me up



  1. Hmmm I'm not sure what could do now to help etc. I guess just enjoy some bonus time off and hang with some friends? Love this pic too - too cute!

  2. It must be very difficult to sit back with all this going on around you. My guess is you just want to get in there and 'do' something, anything.

    I imagine a lot of people around the country, and the world are probably feeling like they want to do something too.

    I'm sure in time you'll be able to help as it's going to be many many months cleaning this one up and re-building lives, homes, businesses...overwhelming to think of it all.

    Sit tight, be safe. xox

  3. So glad to hear you & your mum are safe! I came & checked on you yesterday just before leaving work but there was no work. Thanks for the update!

  4. Glad to hear that the house and your family is well.
    So nice of you to want to help everyone...make sure you take care of yourself up a bit while you're off.
    Keep us posted!


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