Saturday, May 7, 2011

Choo Choo!!

Happy Saturday!!

The lovely Karen had a little stamp sale recently (I think she still has some left) and I picked up this Choo Choo set for a bargain. I've been meaning to buy it since I first saw it but it seems to keep getting dropped on my list.

I've really enjoyed it and I'm super happy how this card came out. I was soooooo excited as I was putting it together that I totally forgot to put anything on my buttons and didn't realise until I was taking the photo - so I have naked buttons *gasp*

Align Center
(The naked buttons!!)

I really like how the edges came out, I used my little ink pot and just lightly ran it across the top of the paper and then a little bit harder around the edges.

Such a cute little boys card!!!!!


  1. As soon as I saw you blog post title I KNEW what you'd been up to! lol

    Your card is just perfect for a boy Trishy! Love those colours and the buttons are a perfect finishing touch!


  2. Haha now I know where that Choo Choo set went and I'm glad you got it. I popped back to Karen's blog to purchase myself but it was gone from the list. Like you I've been meaning to get it for ages.

    Love how this card came together, great boys card for sure!


  3. Fantastic boys card, I love the colours, and that set that is still on my list to buy lol. The buttons are a great touch.

  4. Oh no! Not naked buttons!! LOL ;) What a fantastic boys card! I love the colours you have used too.


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