Tuesday, September 27, 2011

After party.....

My gosh have I had a busy few days!!

The party was a great success but wouldn't have been with out the huge help of my BBF. I was so lucky she came up a few days before the party and was able to help me out with so much preparation. (I was hoping that we would have some time to craft but unfortunately we ran out of time - insert sad face)

I must say I was totally spoiled with lots of Stampin' Up! products, a Oroton handbag and scarf (both in pink!), bunches of flowers, Royal Albert Vase, Royal Doulton lady and quite a few pieces of stunning jewellery - all of which I will treasure forever.

One of the main presents I received was from my closest friends who put in for me to buy a lovely piece of jewelry.

BFF made the card for every one to sign and the matching money wallet - aren't they just stunning??? (and of course in my fave colour!)

I was overwhelmed with their generosity and I feel so honored to have such wonderful friends and family!!!

I'll be back soon with some pictures of the party :)


  1. Hey these two look really good next to each other. Considering they were made at different times and pretty much last minute they turned out good. I didn't tell you the funny story about the card that everyone signed. Remind me!

    It was so so great to be up there helping you with all the party preps - still think you should go into Event Coordinating, you'd be fabulous at it. Every little detail was taken care of and I think all of your guests had a smashing time on Saturday night.

    Thanks for having me - love you lots!


  2. Beautiful card & matching little one! Cute! So glad you had a fabulous party! Sounds like it went off with a bang!!!


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