Thursday, January 28, 2010

Vote for Poppy Letterpress!

Poppy Letterpress is an amazing design and letterpress company in Canberra, Australia.

It's a small business that designs and prints beautiful wedding stationary.
If you have never seen letterpress work it is a must! The thick cotton paper with ink pressed
in any colour you can imagine. The process is very hands on as each individual piece of paper
is fed into the letterpress.

Poppy Letterpress can work with you and create your own personal design or you can choose
one of their beautiful templates.

Poppy Letterpress has been nominated for a Poppy award!
I think they are totally deserving of this award so pop on over to the voting page here.

Scroll down to Favorite Handmade Papergoods then vote for Poppy Letterpress!!!!!!


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