Sunday, January 31, 2010


I've been busy organising a surprise party for my sister!
The party was last night and every one was very good and kept quite about it so she had no idea what was going on. When she walked through the door she was utterly shocked and walked straight back out. After a few seconds she came back in and had a good giggle about it.
The rain held off thankfully so we could all sit out in the yard in the warm evening. We had yummy finger food including some amazing spinach and ricotta pasties that mum made.

I got a great idea from another blog-(which I can't remember at the moment) to make my own cupcake stand for the Birthday Cake.
I started with 2 glass plates and a vase which I got from a second had store for $16

I then spray painted them white (My mother was horrified as the large plate was crystal!)

Stuck them all together and ta da.......... a beautiful and cheap cupcake stand!

I then had the task of making all the cupcakes. I love baking but I can't say that I'm the best baker. I usually under cook or over cook what ever it is I'm making. So this time I tried really hard to get it right. I made 3 batches of 12 and one of the three batches was perfect, the other two were a little underdone. Then there was the icing, I was hoping to get a colour that was almost black but I ended up with a purplish/grey colour. It wasn't what I had wanted but when I saw it I actually really liked it.

I'm really happy that I put in the time to make everything from scratch as I think they were really yummy and looked pretty good to - if I do say so myself!

The cupcake stand was just the right size and held 20.


  1. Those are lovely cupcakes! :)

  2. surprise reactions are the best kind! sounded like it was lovely! and those cupcakes look yummy too!

  3. love the cupcake stand, very cute! and the cupcakes too! i can never get cupcakes right, they are harder than they seem!

  4. Happy birthday D! You did good Trishie. Love the cupcake stand xox.

  5. gorgeous! These look really cool.


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