Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jolinne Stamp

I found this cute cute cute stamp on My Favorite Things.

Meytal creates gorgeous prints of Jolinne that are just wonderful you can see them here at her shop. Here is an example of one....... I wish I had a little girl so I put this up in her room!

Here is a little bit about Jolinne (the girl in the stamp):
Jolinne is a very shy, noble and naive little girl.
She is also beautiful inside and out, but ... she doesn't realize this yet.
Like most little girls, she enjoys fantasizing and dreaming ... a lot,
She likes to pretend she's a different character from another era;
from another story.
She believes she can be anyone she wishes ...
And when the real world whispers to her again,
she steps out of her imaginary world and returns to herself;
to the happy, beautiful, very unique little girl that she is ...

She reminds me of me when I was younger....and perhaps a little bit still now.

Here is what I've done with the stamp, it's for a 12 year old's birthday next month.

I've used some Crystal effect on the balloons to give them a shiny look.

I think I really need to get some Copic Markers because they just look so much better.


  1. Wow, that looks great! Good job!

  2. That is too sweet, I love that stamp and it looks so whimsical and pretty on your card.


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