Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So the name of the 'old come new' bike is Rusty!!!

Her frame is fantastic now we have taken off all that surface rust, it's so shiny.

I even found this little heart lug on the bike - how sweet!

I've been spending my card making time in the garage over the past few days getting the frame prepped for it's primer.

I can't say I'm used to all the dirt and grim that gets on you in the garage. Also you can see me here using a power tool - YAY so exciting. Makes you feel like you can rule the world with one in your hand.

T's been great helping me out and showing me how to do things. It's a real learning curve, but I must say I'm extremely pumped about it.

It's hard to know that there is still so much to do until it will be ready. When I make cards it's easy to finish off three or four projects in one sitting. I'm just bursting to get Rusty on the road!!!!

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