Thursday, June 3, 2010

Comming home

Oh I'm finally arriving home tonight from my travels throughout Queensland over the past month.
I'll be home in the safe, warm arms of T and to the little leg snuggles from Sooty.
How I've missed them so much!!

I can't wait and I hope my plane fly's extra fast home.

I thought I'd share a quick picture of my Sooty who some times (rarely) will come and sit on my lap while I craft.


  1. Funny you posted this today. C got up this morning and told me he had a dream about T and Sooty, and both were living back here. Not sure where you were though lol. xox

  2. Ohh that's so cute of him!! You should make sure you show him the pic of Sooty.

  3. So glad you made it back safe and sound~! Patrice told me you were in Mackay at one point! I would have gladly met you for a coffee or or even dinner! We could have had a big ol chin wag! lol

    Oh well - there's always a next time hey!



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