Friday, June 25, 2010

Present from my BFF

Look what I received in the mail from my BFF

Aren't they just so cute!!! I can't believe that after not crocheting for many, many years she just picked up the hook and made these little beauties with no trouble at all. She even managed match the cotton to Stampin UP! colours.

I'm not sure what project I'm going to use them on yet but I'm such a hoarder that I'll find it hard to actually bring myself to use them at all.

And to top it off she made the cute little box for them to go in - I'm so spoilt by her!

She has such talent and is so modest about it. Check out her blog here.

Hugs and kiss's to you BFF


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  2. You are so gorgeous! You can use them all up because I can make you lots more :o)

  3. I am so jealous! my bff doesn't crochet but she does cook really good & serve awesome wine ;-) so I guess I'll keep her! If you're bff is looking for a backup ff, let me know! heehee


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