Saturday, June 26, 2010


Today was my induction day at the local RSPCA. I'm going to be volunteering on Saturdays as an adoption assistant!!!!!!

Previously I've worked as a Pooch Pal (Dog Walker) but I've never had much to do with the adoption process. I'm really excited at the opportunity to help all kinds of animals find a loving home.

There are so many different kinds of animals at the shelter that are up for adoption. Of course there are cats and dogs but there are also rats, lizards, goats, chickens and one beautiful pig!

It was at this same shelter that I got my very first kitten over 25 years ago. The story goes a little like this............ After lots of nagging from my sister and I mum phoned the RSPCA shelter to see if there were any kittens available. There were 2, one for each of us!
We jumped into the car and as we drove there my sister said she wanted a ginger kitten and I had decided on a black and white one. Mum sat nervously in the front seat wondering if the two kittens the shelter had would resemble what we wanted.
To her amazement the only 2 kittens in the whole shelter were exactly what we wanted (what are the chances of that?).

These 2 kittens grew up with our family and spent many hours snuggling on our laps. They were wonderful companions who I will never forget. I owe the RSPCA for these two little cats who brought so much joy and happiness to our lives for well over 15 years.

I hope that I can be apart of helping create a similar story for other children and families.

Do you volunteer?
Leave a comment and let me know what you do!

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  1. Wondered how long it would take you to get involved with the RSPCA up there :o)

    You're gorgeous and they are lucky to have you. I hope that lovely little piggie finds a good home soon! xox


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