Saturday, April 2, 2011

1 Wedding = 2 cards!!

One of my lovely friends at work is a bridesmaid at a wedding today, she'll be wearing a beautiful blue/teal dress and I just can't wait to see photos - she will look stunning!

She asked me to make her 2 wedding cards for the occasion, one will be from her and one will be from her mother.

Because her bridesmaid dress will be blue/teal she asked me to incorporate that colour in the card. She had also seen my Kiki stamps and thought it would be good if I could illustrate the couple on the card - what a clever girlie!!

So that's just what I did!!! I wasn't sure if the card look 'weddingish' (is that a word?) enough but she seemed really happy when I showed her.

I also created one that had more of a traditional feel for her mum. I've used shimmer paint on the cake - my first time using it and I really love it!! I think I'll have to order the other colours too.

I hope that the couple have a beautiful day and my work friend thoroughly enjoys herself!!!


  1. Two really different but totally beauful cards I must admit I think my fav is the bottom one it looks very classy
    Jacki xx

  2. Beautiful, Trish! I love them both, for different reasons, but you've done a great job.

  3. I too love them both for different reasons. You did a fab job on them.



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