Wednesday, March 3, 2010

16th for a male

One of my colleagues I work with in my day job asked me to make a card for his son's 16th coming up this month.

I haven't created many male cards as I find them quite a challenge. The only thing I know about his son is he likes football and cricket.

So I decided to use the Just Rugby set from Stampin' Up! I wasn't sure what colours to use so I chose to base the card on the Australian team colours, green and gold.

After making the first card with a 16 on it, I had an idea to make a card set out like a football field.

I wasn't sure if these two cards were suitable so I decided to create a simple birthday card in greys, blues and greens.

I was quite nervous when I handed them to my colleague as I've never done a custom order before. But he was so happy with them he decided to buy all 3 from me!!

It was super exciting to see someone like my work so much, hopefully this leads to more orders as I enjoyed doing it.


  1. These are great - no wonder he was so thrilled. I wish you many more orders!!


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