Friday, March 12, 2010


This weekend T and I are off to see my Dad for his birthday. Last year he moved from Brisbane to Maryborough which is 3.5 hrs drive from here.

Here is the card I've made for him. Ive used some little pieces from one of T's shirts that he didn't like when he brought it. As I'm a hoarder I've kept them knowing that they would come in handy one day!!

I'm very excited to spend his special day with him and most likely we'll head out fishing
for the afternoon.

We are going to stay at this cute little motel there - conveniently run by my Dad!
It's called the Cara motel and it's a lovely little 12 room hotel.
For many years Dad has talked about moving into the motel industry but fortunately for him, but unfortunately for us just after T and I moved to Brisbane his dream turned into reality. I was happy that he was following his dream and moving into something that he would enjoy for many years to come but on the other hand I was very sad that he was moving away just as I was moving closer.
But luckily it's only a few hours drive away so I can't complain to much :)

If your ever in Maryborough give the Cara motel a try and let them know you read my blog and
I sent you!!!!


  1. Hello, hope your dad had a great birthday. The motel looks very inviting. You make beautiful cards. I make cards myself.

  2. Good morning!! I mentioned your blog on mine today :)
    have a wonderful week!


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