Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Birthday

It is my beautiful best friend's birthday today. She is the wonderful lady who inspired me to take up stamping. She makes the most perfect and creative things!
She has a blog here, which I encouraged her to make because I think the world needs to see
the amazing work she does.

Unfortunately she broke her wrist last week so she can't do much for herself let alone any crafting!!!

After moving to Brisbane I find she is one of the small handful of things I miss.
  • I miss hanging out watching desperate housewives or farmer wants a wife while eating a massive bowl of rockyroad icecream
  • I miss sitting in her craft room watching and learning new techniques
  • I miss hanging out with her son who is full of energy and excitement
  • I miss giving her a big hug when she needs it (or when i need it for that matter!)
  • I miss knowing that if I get stuck in a hard spot she is just around the corner
  • I miss sharing all our crafty things
These are just a few little things I miss, there are many more on the list.

So pop on over to her blog and leave her some birthday wishes!



  1. You are too beautiful! Thank you so much for your kind words. What can I say (esp left hand 1 finger typing) - ditto! I miss you so so much, particularly at the moment while I'm so incapacitated. I love and cherish more than ever our odd weekends together laughing and crafting like we used to. We hsven't polished off a tub of Sara Lee for ages lol - maybe we can do that today from afar as a b'day celebration. Love you!!! xox

  2. What a beautiful thought! I will wish a Happy Birthday to your friend too!

    I love it that it is already Saturday where you are, but it is still Friday in California, USA. What is your weather like today? We are now in California Spring, no more winter rains, so everything is green and starting to bloom! Yeah! Now, this is California Dreaming - Sunshine until October/November.

  3. WOW I just love spring!
    It's turning into Autumn here and it's starting to get cold and the days are getting shorter. I'm sad cause I love spring and summer.

  4. Happy Birthday to your friend.



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